Friday, 24 September 2010

Goldsmiths' Fair - The Wait is Almost Over!

This will be my fourth year exhibiting at Goldsmiths’ Fair and I feel very lucky to be doing so. It is notoriously difficult to get into and I don’t mind saying that I had to apply five times before I was finally accepted. Even now, just because I’ve exhibited four years in a row doesn’t guarantee me a place next year. As is standard with these kinds of shows, everyone must re-apply each year, a bit like orchestral musicians defending their seats.

At Cockpit (where my studio is based) the arrival of a giant stack of envelopes from Goldsmiths’ Hall in early April brings news of victory or defeat. At least with this particular fair, the acceptance and rejection letters are in the same sized envelopes so you can sit down quietly on your own to digest the news. With Origin (the Craft Council’s annual craft fair) you’re in if you get an A4 packed full of gumpf, and out if it’s a flimsy A5. Everybody else knows too – it’s not uncommon to see people rifling through the envelopes just to see who got in.

And now, with Goldmiths’ just over a week away (I’m in Week 2) all that anxiety is just a distant memory. It’s a different kind of anxiety now of course! Will I have enough work? Have I made too much? What have I forgotten? (I did once show up to a fair having diligently packed everything on my list, except for the jewellery – which wasn’t even on the list because it’s just so obvious!)

I look forward to seeing some of you there!

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