Friday, 10 September 2010

We’re live!

After several months in development, the new Angie Boothroyd website is now up and running! Have a look at

I shudder to think that I actually built my first website in HTML. Yes, I sat down with a book and typed out all those little bits of code way back in 2001. In those days, people were just amazed that you had a website. It didn’t need to have anything fancy like an online shop; the very fact that my website had more than one page was enough to make an impression.

The site has had many improvements in the years since, but this time round I am happy to say I had absolutely nothing to do with it. Instead, I hired a company called Pretty Mannox to take care of the design. They then brought another company, Dizzy Heights, on board to help with the implementation. (Meanwhile, I was doing what I do best – riding my motorcycle through France.)

The part of the website that is most exciting for me is the gorgeous lifestyle photography that you see on the homepage. This was entirely orchestrated by Pretty Mannox; they found the photographer, the model, the location, and even managed to get the sun gods to cooperate for a few hours. (It rained all afternoon but they’d managed to get the shots they needed before lunchtime.) All this while I sat blissfully by the Loire River helping myself to another slice of baguette and brie.

I say I had nothing to do with it, but I suppose designing an entirely new range of jewellery counts for something. I was obviously feeling rather ambitious at the start of the project and decided I needed to update all my collections. So if you go to the site you’ll see all the pieces are brand new, although a few pieces may seem strangely familiar. (I’ve kept a few key pieces from the “Palm” and “Petal” ranges, but they are now hiding in the “Desert Palm” and “Shimmer” collections.)

Let me know what you think! And don’t forget to join the site’s mailing list if you want to receive news about forthcoming exhibitions and special promotions. If you’re a facebooker you might want to “like” the Angie Boothroyd Jewellery facebook page too; it’s at And thanks to everyone who's already emailed me with your kind comments and feedback!

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